A Guide to Finding a New Dentist in Seattle

Finding a new dentist and a doctor is a tough act, especially if you just moved cities. Once you are settled in Seattle, it is good to start the hunt for a good dentist before you need one. It is better to be prepared than get caught with a searing pain in your teeth and have no idea where to go.

Seattle is a big city. So, your first priority is to find a dentist at proximity. This will save you time and energy when you need to rush to a dentist early in the morning. So, try to first check out the neighbourhood for one. Google’s local search can be a great help in identifying who is nearby.

Once you have a few practices in your list, it is important to figure out which of these are accepting your dental insurance. A few dentists in Seattle prefer to practice mostly out of the insurance loop due to the amount of time it takes to cash those cheques. This had become a trend, especially in the last few years.

Make a call and check who accepts your insurance and once your list has been vetted, check for reviews of their service. Some people prefer to have a friendly dentist while others tend to focus on the quality of work. Neighbours could be a good source of information on nearby dentists.

Better Business Bureau and Yelp are two other places which can help you screen through potential dentists. Don’t just look for dentists with a perfect score. Look through the 4 stars too and pay attention to the negative reviews. Some people are just dissatisfied with everything. So, it is better to research those reviews and make a fair comparison between different services.

 Another important thing to remember when choosing a dentist is to verify they conduct procedures that you are looking for. Some dentists specialise in cosmetic dentistry and may not focus on restorative work. If you have a chipped tooth, going to a cosmetic specialist won’t solve your problem. Though all dentists go through the same training, each one specialises based on their interests. So, try to find the one who fulfils your needs.

If your teeth are good and you haven’t had any dental work, a general dentist is good enough for twice a year check-up. On the other hand, if you had a root canal in the past and are planning to go diving, it would be good to find a dentist who has worked with divers or is a diver himself.

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